My Earring Obsession (Review!)

Like most women, I love sparkly things. 

Add in my love a chunky studs and anything Kate Spade and you’ll have these. 

I wanted them last year, but sadly the multi glitter wasn’t being carried at the time. 

I had been keeping my eye out since for these little gems and last week, to my utter surprise and elation, they were in stock! I, of course, placed an order and I came home today to find the package sitting on my bed. 

It was like Christmas in August. 

All the packages from the company always come so beautifully wrapped.

 It makes me feel so special. 

Their earrings come with this cute container (that makes a great storage piece for your earrings or small jewelry) and with a small dust bag. 


Anyways, I decided I wanted to do a little review for you guys, in case you were looking to buy them in the color multi glitter.  

Or in any color, really. 

I obviously haven’t been able to wear them out yet, but I have had the same pair in pink multi glitter for almost a year. 

They aren’t an excessively heavily earring, but they do have some weight to them. I always feel like I need to make sure the back is securely on ( especially since the posts aren’t that long) so they don’t fall out of my ears. 

I’ve totally lost earrings that ways. It’s such a tragedy. 

I wore them all fall and winter last year and they still look new. They catch the light so brilliantly, without it being over kill. I also haven’t had any problems with the stones being loose, knock on wood! 

I have fairly sensitive ears and they never seem to bother them. 

Here’s a little more info from the Kate Spade site. 

All in all, I think they are a well made, fashionable, and fun earring. They’re sparkly without being gaudy and classy enough to wear to work. 

If you like stud earrings, sparkles, or Kate Spade then I definitely recommend adding them to your collection!


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