Why Hate on Girls Who Wear Makeup?


While I’m all for women feeling confident in their own raw skin, things like this irk me. Yes, it is powerful for a women in the media to bare her naked face. Yes, I wish more women could get to a place where they could look in the mirror and love the face that they were born with – sans makeup. But all that aside, just because you love and wear makeup doesn’t mean you’re trying to fit in with what society dictates. 

If you know me, you know 95% of the time I don’t wear makeup and usually have my hair up in a bun. The other 5% of the time? I’m rocking as much makeup as I want. I don’t put it on for anyone else. I don’t do it to be more appealing to guys. (You think a guy is gonna care that the shadow on my lids cost me $80? Or that it’s blended to perfection? Get real.) I don’t do it because society tells me that’s what makes me beautiful. I put it on because I LOVE it. I love the creativity. I love putting colors together and manipulating highlights and shadows on my face. I love doing makeup on others and seeing them love the results. I love seeing how much confidence it can give someone in an uncomfortable situation (wedding party *cough cough*). How about we just decide we’re going to do what makes us happy with our face. Does full makeup every day make you happy? Go for it. Does never touching foundation make you happy? Go for it! Be your beautiful self! Don’t live for any one else. Don’t let anyone tell you to not wear makeup. Don’t let anyone tell you to wear makeup. 

Just be and do you.


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