I HATE Working Out

No, seriously, I do.

I know people always talk about how much better they feel after a good workout, but I just feel like trash.

And then I’m sore the next day. I’ve been so sore that using the bathroom was hard πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ thank you, next.

I truly hate working out, but I do it anyway.


Because I don’t want to get the diabetus (yes, I know that’s now how you spell it or pronounce it, but I’m trying to be funny. Please laugh like I am. PLEASE.) and a whole other host of health issues. I don’t want to hit 50 and start having to take blood pressure medicine or insulin, or have regular doctor’s visits. I want to be healthy, so I continue to do what I’ve deemed as torture, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Please, pick something you only half way hate. Don’t try to be all, imma run three miles and get up at dawn to go to the gym! Yeah! Most of the time this attitude won’t last because it isn’t something you can keep up. Life has a sneaky way of throwing you off course.

Maybe you only go out and walk your dog, or take a hike with a friend. Get up off the couch and get active and keep your health. It’s only too late when you’re sick.

This has been your Monday dose of BRST (Big Round Squishy Things, I’m trying to make it seem more hip like all the young kids). ✌🏻


The Best Way to Lose Weight in 2019

You wanna know a secret?

No, really, do you want to know how to lose weight and make 2019 your best year?

Are you ready?

Calories in vs. Calories out.

Oh, you thought it was some magic diet? Nope, no magic diet here.

I know, no one wants to hear that it’s something that seems so simple, but it is. It’s a slow process that will force you to make lifelong changes in your eating habits and to see what you’ve been doing wrong. It’s a journey, and a long one. I’ve been on this journey for 1 & 1/2 years and I’m almost 40lbs down. I’ll admit, there have been times I’ve fallen off the wagon, but I have the rest of my life to get it right.

This is my journey.

How I Plan My Work Week Outfits

I slowly realized that picking out an outfit in the morning just wasn’t for me.

I mean, sometimes it would take me 5 minutes to figure out what I wanted to wear, and believe me, that was 5 minutes I didn’t have. So when I started a M-F job I decided that the days of frantically pulling out clothing in the mornings were gone.

And it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I’ve begun to take 30-45 minutes each Sunday to pull out, try on, and pair my work week outfits. Some are easy and some take a few tries, but at the end I have 5 outfits hung up together and ready to go. It still gives me options, but I know whatever I pick will work and look good. I also make sure to check the upcoming weather for the week (and make sure you check the weather of the town your job is in if you commute!) and try to plan accordingly. This way I know not to wear my suede flats if it’s raining or to plan on pants if it’s going to be a freezing cold day.

It seems like such an easy thing, like it shouldn’t have taken me this long to figure out, but I had always been stuck in the think about it in the morning group. It’s so easy to put it off or choose to not want to spend your weekend planning outfits.

Especially if you aren’t into fashion.

However, if your like me and never seem to have enough time to find something you actually want to wear, then try this routine on for size.

New Chapter

I started cleaning out my office today.

Okay, I’ve been working on cleaning it out since last week, but that was mainly just going through files and making sure everything was in order. Today though? Today I’ve actually taken things out and put them in piles to take home.

I use to fantasize about this day. I would imagine how it would feel cleaning things out knowing that I wasn’t coming back. Knowing that I was leaving behind the place that I had called my work home for 11 years.

I’ll be honest; I didn’t actually plan to leave this soon. I had taken a position last year that brought me enjoyment, and I believed that I would hold it for at least a few years. I got wear pretty dress clothes and work at a computer and it wasn’t bad at all.

It still isn’t.

But a month ago a job positing for my company’s corporate office came in and in the back of my mind I gave it some consideration, but shook my head and went on about my day. A few weeks later it felt like a big bomb went off in my head and I just knew I had to at least send in my resume. I thought, this will be a good first step. You already are getting to know people who work there, and now you can get your resume circulating. I honestly didn’t think I would get it, but low and behold I did.

I have everything labeled, sat in on interviews for people wanting my position, cleaned, swept, and organized until there really isn’t anything else left to do.

Except think.

I started here at 18 back in 2007. It has been my first and only job and it has seen me through some crazy times in my life. I’ve met the best friends I could ever ask for here, learned valuable life lessons, and most importantly, learned about who I am as a person.

It’s the ending of one book and Monday will start a new, blank, book. I’m excited, nervous, and just a little bit unsure, but the only thing in life that is constant is change. You can meet it head on or try to apply the breaks, but it will come.

I’m choosing to meet it and I hope I’m ready for the ride. ✌🏻

Size doesn’t actually matter, because it isn’t consistent.

Growing up I was obsessed with the size of my clothes – both my bottoms and my tops. If I was a large, I had to stay a large; going up to an XL just wasn’t an option. That can make it super hard to dress in a flattering way, because my stuff was either too small or I just didn’t buy it.

But you know what? Size doesn’t actually matter, nor is it consistent.

Who cares if the number on your jeans is a 12 or a 14, because who knows if that 12 fits like a 10 or a 14?

Take this jacket for example.

Click here to shop this jacket at Nordstrom.

It’s stunning! Such great quality and the color is so me. It also has a detachable hood -which I’ve already detached because I do not like hoods- and I got it on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 😱

Down side? It’s a XXL. And I’m usually a large.

I’ve actually tried a few other pieces from the brand – BLANKNYC – in some Trunk Club trunks so I knew going in I’d have to size wayyy up. Typically I’m a large on top, but if I wanted this jacket I’d have to go up.

Why are sizes so inconsistent? Who knows. I do know that using the size charts are the best way to go when shopping with a new brands or at a Department Store like Nordstrom.

And we have to stop being obsessed with the number on the tag and more obsessed with the fit of the clothes!

Because nothing is better than feeling good in your clothes.

Top 5 Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – that are still available!

It’s four days into the Early Access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I’ll be honest and admit that I’m two orders in 😱

There’s so many amazing items in this sale so I thought I’d show my top 5 picks that are still available as of July 15th, 2018 – let’s get into it!

P. S. None of these links are affiliates – no one knows who I am to give my anything like that πŸ˜‚ They go straight to the Nordstrom site.

Number 1. Tory Burch Benton Ballet Flats

I’ve been eyeing flats like these for over a year, and what better time to invest in them?!

Number 2. BP. Scarf

I love scarfs and this one will go so well with a number of different kinds of coats!

Number 3.

I have a slight obsession with sweaters, and this one I just couldn’t pass up!

Number 4. BP. V-Neck Tee

Who couldn’t use more casual T’s? Especially at less than $12.00!

Number 5. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

I didn’t pick this one up, but only because I received one for Christmas last year. They’re super comfy and now’s the time to jump on one!

Happy Shopping!

High End Lip Gloss Try On

We all see those lip glosses at Sephora or Ulta and wonder what they actually look like on, right? 
Please tell me it’s not just me!

Whew, good. 

Anyways, here are 7 High End Glosses without a filter and in natural light. They are listed in acending order by price, which ranges from $16.50 – $33.00. 

These are on bare lips, no lip liner!

Let’s get to it!

1) Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Woo Me – $16.50

2) bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Rebel – $18.00

3) Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Erin – $20.00

4) Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Berry Blast – $20.00

5) Nars Lipgloss in Chelsea Girls – $26.00

6) Marc Jacobs Enamored High-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lipgloss in Sugar Sugar – $28.00

7) Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper in Pink 001 – $33.00

And there we have it! 

The Dior, bareMinerals, and Buxom glosses do have a tingle to them, so if that’s a turn off for you then you may want to skip those. 

The wear time is pretty consistent for them all, except for the Dior plumper because I find that it has a slightly longer wear time. 

Which colors are your favs? 

Until next time! Bye guys!