For when your praying knees get week – 1

Oh Mondays. So full of rushing around to get back into the swing of things (especially after a holiday weekend!), sleep deprivation, and caffeine. We’re much more likely to be on edge and we look at the week ahead and bemoan how long it is until Friday. 

For this Monday I had a completely different blog post planned. I wanted to talk about starting each week fresh and making the most out of life, but I feel there is something much more important – or prevalent – that needs to be said. It’s something that I deal with a lot and I feel it’s a huge reason for people leaving or never coming to the Christian faith – hypocrites. 

The people who profess such godliness and faith, but who’s actions speak more about promoting themselves than Christ. It’s all about how they can change people. About how important they are. They want people to come to them, not because they feel God speaking and moving through them, but because they love how important it makes them feel. 

Of course, there are the ones who may cuss, become drunk, have premarital sex, etc. But those may lead people to believe that those sins are okay – because we are forgiven. And we are! But we must make an effort each and every day to turn from sin. All sin. 

It’s hard to read or listen to a person preach when you know that their heart isn’t in the right place. It’s hard to believe that anything they say may have any truth. 

But it can. And that’s what makes it all the much harder. Can God work though a selfish, self serving person? I believe he can. God can work though anybody. God is the great I Am. He can do anything. And that’s part of what’s so frustrating. Who wants to listen to a man or woman preach and take it in what they have to say when their life contradicts their words? 

It’s hard enough for someone who knows Christ to do, but imagine how hard it would be for someone who isn’t saved? Someone who knows nothing of Christ? 

I truly believe that a huge part of why so many people embrace atheism is because of hypocritical christians. Instead of pulling people to Christ, we’re pushing them away! We’re showing them everything but love, we judge then because of their sin and never acknowledge our own, and we put ourself up in a pedestal. 

I personally know a man struggling with his faith. He believes there is a God, but for whatever reason, he hates Him. All these “christians” on tv and in the news only push him farther away. I see God chasing him plain as day, but because of whatever happened in his past and because of people in the world today, he keeps running. 

How many people in your life are doing the same thing? Are you? 

I’m not perfect. I’m far from it. I’m nothing special or extraordinary. But I love Christ with my whole heart. I’ve been blessed with salvation and given so much peace in my life. 

And I want everyone to have and feel the same. I want us all to come together in Christ. I want us to move. I want to see people moved to tears from the power of God. From his love and grace. We all need to take a good look at ourselves and see if we are representing Christ the way we should be. 

Remember – the way we live may be the only bible someone ever reads. 


When you want to retort with hate, pray. 

It’s been a hard few days. 

People are ripping each other apart and hate seems to be in everyone’s actions. We have rioting in the streets and people being called bigot, misogynistic, and racist – most of the time by people who don’t understand what the words truly mean. We have a divide amongst us and no one seems to want to bridge the gap. 

I won’t lie – there have been times in the past few days I’ve had to bite my tongue. I’ve typed responses to tweets, only to have to walk away and think. Part of me wanted to respond and the other wanted to stay out of it. I debated on if I was responding to enlighten or if I was only wanting to state my opinion. 

As I took a breather to analyze my response, I realized something – I was speaking in anger. I was angry. I was pissed off. I felt personally attacked and I wanted to let everyone know it. That thought made me close out of twitter and put my phone down. 

I would be responding with hate. I would be speaking in anger. How would that do any good? You can’t fight hate with more hate because it will only blow up in your face. 

So I challenge everyone to pray before you speak. I challenge everyone to take a step back and ask yourself why you’re responding. If you can’t separate yourself from the situation and give a response out of love – don’t type that message. Delete that tweet. 

Rise above the hate. Personify that change you want to see. 

Dear Americans Who Voted Trump

It’s a hard time. 

People protesting in the streets, hate being brought on you for your choice, and you’re being made out as a bigot and racist. 

You are being made out to be heartless. Ignorant, even. 

I know, because I am one of you. 
My decision to vote for Pres-Elect Trump did not come easy. I prayed and wrestled with my decision for a long time. 

You see, I live in the Appalachian Mountains, near coal mines and lots of factories. We have taken a massive hit and people hurt. People were scared of a Democratic win, because our jobs and livelihood could have been on the line. I’ve seen what Obamacare has done to jobs; part time at my job use to be up to 35 hours, but went down to 28. We couldn’t handle another four years of the same. 

We vote, because we hurt. 

I pray that we all can come together and build a better tomorrow for our children. That we can become a stronger country than ever before. 

But we have to stop fighting one another for that to happen. 

In my neighborhood there are a lot of Clinton signs. We have a Trump sign. As we were walking back from voting (we live 45 seconds from our polling location) we passed our neighbor who has a Clinton sign. She was excited to see us out voting, and I was happy to see her going to do the same. This is how we should all be. 

Let this not divide us, but bring us closer. 

To those who are being ridiculed because of your vote, I hurt with you. You are not a racist or a deplorable person. You are human and voted your heart. 

For those who are hurting and afraid of a Trump presidency, I feel your hurt. I pray that in time none of your fears are realized and you can feel joy for your country. 

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

Dear Girl Who Only Posts Pictures of Her Face 

Dear Girl, 

I get you. For years I didn’t post or even take full body pics. I felt like my face was way better than the rest of me and if I showed the world what I looked like no one would want to pay attention to me. 

I see people who have so many pictures from high school and how they lovingly look back on them. I, however, have very few pictures from that period of my life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have a few, but I spent that time avoiding the camera from the chest down. 

Why do we do it?

We are trained to think that unless you look a certain way, you aren’t attractive. We see pictures like this splashed all over the internet and magazines and we think this is the norm. 

Or maybe we feel that our chest is too big. Maybe it’s too small. Maybe we think we look too thin and are afraid people will make fun of us. Maybe we hate our stomach. 

There’s a million reasons we don’t like our body and I couldn’t even begin to name them all. We also forget that it’s not just curvy girls that feel self conscious. 

All women feel that way; big or small, tall or short. 

But that’s the thing – if we all feel that way at some point, then why can’t we just be accepting of each other? 

Your body does not define you. Your skin color does not define you. Your clothes do not define you. Your hair does not define you. 

You define who you are. 

Take control of who you are and go on a journey of learning to love yourself. Take those pictures. Post those pictures. Life does not wait for you to decide you’re good enough, so live each day. Enjoy your friends and family. Wear that bathing suit to the beach. Wear the leggings. 

Don’t hide everything but your face. Be proud and unapologetically so. 

Tarte’s Works of Tarte Set *first impression*

Oh, the Holiday palettes are here again! So many to choose from and only so much money 😫 So how do you choose? By reviews, of course!

Today I bring you my first First Impression Thursday! I’ve reviewed the new Tarte Holiday 2016 Set that’s available at 

Click here to see product at

I’m trying something new and making a video instead of a blog post 😱 Click here for the YouTube video!

Let me know what you think and leave me some love ❤️

It’s November!

Happy November 1st, y’all! It’s officially the holiday season and we’re even playing Christmas music at work (yes, we’re those people)! 

This month is about thankfulness, and I want to take the time each day to post something I’m thankful for. I want to focus more on the less generic things, so today I’m thankful for running water. 

It’s an easy thing to take for granted, but there are people who don’t have running water, and some that do don’t have dependable running water. 

It’s so easy for us to turn the water on to take a bath or wash dishes, but to others it’s a luxury they’ll never experience. 

What are you thankful for today? 

October Favorites! 🎃

October has been a great month! Fall is officially here, the weather is turning colder, and Christmas is just around the corner! 

  • To start off this favorites blog I have to tell y’all about the perfume that I’m obsessed with – YSL Black Opium. I received a sample of it and was completely hooked, so I had to buy the big bottle. It has this really womanly scent, but a hint of something almost smoky. If you’re close to an ULTA or Sephora then you NEED to go and smell it. 

Click here to check it out at Ulta

  • Following perfume we may as well stick with beauty, so my next favorite is Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Fudge. Man oh man, is this gloss pigmented! I just use a lip liner underneath and apply the gloss and go! It doesn’t spill outside of the lip line and it’s so comfortable to wear! It’s an amazing color for fall. 

Click here to see this gloss at Sephora

  • Transitioning from beauty to candles, my next favorite is the Mahogany Apple candle at Bath and Body. If you’ve ever smelled the Mahogany Teakwood candle (thank you Jaclyn Hill!) then just imagine that mixed with the scent of apples. Amazing! 

After writing this I realized that it was no longer on the Bath and Body website 😱 Im not sure if it’s only available in stores. So sorry!

  • I couldn’t have an October favorites without mentioning the purse I’ve been carrying! In the fall and winter (or any time, really) I love cross body bags because I find them easier to carry with all my extra layers. This one has an adjustable strap and the perfect amount of room. The design is just so pretty and in right now, as well!

Click here to see this bag

  • Next is a clothing item! I’ve recently been really in to Ralph Lauren shirts and I’ve gotten so much use out of this one! It’s long enough for me to comfortably wear it with yoga pants, but isn’t too long that it looks frumpy. It’s a loose fit and lightweight. A big plus is that’s it’s part of their Pink Pony collection which donates money to cancer charities. 

Click here to see this shirt at

  • Last, but certainly not least, is my first ever pair of Lularoe leggings. If you haven’t heard of them before, go to facebook and type lularoe into the search bar. You’ll find tons of online shops and while you wait to be accepted into the group, google lularoe and see what they’re all about! I have bought six pairs in the last three weeks 😱 I’ve thought about doing a review of the brand, so if that’s something you’d be interested in let me know! These are so comfy and cute and I love that they have zombies all over them! 

Click here to go to the lularoe website

And there we have it! These are the items that I have been loving in the month of October. What are your October favorites? Let me know! ❤️