Yoga is Only for Thin Women? What?

I don’t know about you, but if I ever mention off handily that I like to practice yoga I get the disbelieving stares. 

I know what they’re thinking. 

“How can she be flexible at all?”

“She’s too big for that.”


It can be incredibly disheartening to hear those words or see them unspoken in someone’s eyes. 

Because it isn’t true. 

Your size has nothing to do with your physical abilities. Just because you’re plus size doesn’t mean you can’t touch your toes, just like being thin doesn’t mean you can run a race. 

Now, I’m not saying that weight can’t hold you back, because it can. But it doesn’t automatically disqualify you from anything you want to do. There are plenty beautiful plus size ladies that are WAY more flexible than women much smaller. 

And of course there are some amazingly flexible thin women, like Kino MacGregor. 

(If you’ve never heard of her and like yoga then you totally need to look her up in Instagram – kinoyoga. She’s mind blowing.) 

I am no where near her in flexibility or strength, but I try and I enjoy my time on the mat. 

I think we sometimes forget or don’t realize what our words can do. By telling someone they’re too big to be doing such and such you may discourage them from doing it. 

How is that productive?

We all need to encourage one another. In times like these it says much more about a person when they build someone up, rather than when they tear someone down. 

That’s not just in yoga. 

That’s in life.