Weight Watchers Journey- Entry #1

This isn’t my first weight loss rodeo.

No, seriously, I have blog post from years past to prove it.

Weight has always been my struggle, and even now as I sit on my porch writing this I feel apprehensive about sharing something so personal again. I mean, by the time you hit 29 you’ve pretty much given up on ever being the person you wanted to be in your head. Diets make you miserable, and even if they work it’s hard to maintain.

Especially when life comes at you.

Last year I lost 20lbs and I was so proud of myself. People noticed, I went down a size, and I thought that this was finally it. I was finally going to succeed.

And then my mamaw got sick the week of my brother’s wedding and everything went to crap.

Honestly, life from July 2017 to December 2017 is a blur. In September of that year she was admitted to this hospital and three days later admitted to skilled nursing at the local nursing home. Two months later she had a series of strokes that made her immobile and they admitted her into the nursing home.

Two days later she passed away.

My whole family was there and watching someone you love take their last breath is something I’ll never forget, and it changed my very being. I stumbled around in a fog until a month ago when it seemed to lift and by chance I signed up for Weight Watchers.

I know, I know, how can you sign up by chance? Well, they were having this deal where your first month was free if you signed up for 6 months and something in me told me to take the chance. Of course, about an hour later I was like, what in the fresh heck have I done?

I spent the next week planning on how exactly I was going to change my whole way of eating, when that’s not what I originally intended to do. The voice in my head told me it was a waste of time and money, that it would never work, and that I’d fail like I always did.

But I started.

Two and a half weeks later I’m down about 8lbs and while it hasn’t been easy, it’s somehow just sorta clicked in place. My clothes already fit better and I can actually see myself making this work.

I guess this is my journey, let’s see where it takes me.


Intermittent Fasting Day 2 – A Fat Girl’s Weight Loss Journey

It’s 9:33 pm. I’m sleepy and hungry, but I’m pretty sure I’m only hungry because I know I can’t eat right now.

Okay, I could eat, but I’m serious about trying intermittent fasting. My mind wants to convince me that I’m hungry and that I need to eat when I know good and well that I was full an hour ago.

*of course you’ll be reading this after I break my fast*

I need to be getting to sleep – I’ve been staying up later and later thanks to the Chicago Med/P.D./ Fire shows, but the allergy medicine I took earlier has had just enough time to make me feel that delirious version of sleepy.


Fyi – I stayed up to watch Chicago Fire 😍

Okay, so it’s 12 hours later – 9:34 to be exact – and I’m feeling a lot better this morning than I was yesterday. I slept a bit later, so that might have something to do with it, but that theory will be tested tomorrow because I will have to be at work at 7am. I’ve also got a lot going on, so that should keep my mind busy.

*I work as a Human Relations Coordinator and it’s open enrollment for healthcare 😱*

Honestly, intermittent fasting is easier than my actual diet, because I know that I can eat, I just have to wait until a certain time. With my diet I know that once I hit my calories I’m done – at least, I should be.

If you want to follow my journey via my Instagram then click here! I’ve been posting different foods that I’m trying and progress pictures – when there are progress pictures! 😂

Until next time! Thanks for reading!

Going Dairy Free!

Let’s just be blunt here; there’s nothing cute about a dairy intolerance. Gas, bloating, stomach pains, horrible bowl movements. Yeah, nothing pretty. 

I had been experiencing all the above for several months before I ever took to the internet to try and figure out what was wrong. We all know our bodies pretty well, and normally we can figure out when something isn’t right. 

And I knew something wasn’t right or normal. 

So I googled foods that would cause severe bloating and after some research I came across dairy ( or lactose) intolerance. It was the only food that I regularly consumed, so I thought I’d give it a try. 

Y’all, my life changed! Horrible bloating went away, I felt better all over, horrible life interrupting stomach aches went away. I couldn’t help but wonder why it took me so long to figure it out. 

Oh, but then came the hard part, because I love cheese, chocolate, biscuits, gravy ( I’m southern, y’all, and we LOVE our gravy. And in case you didn’t know, gravy is made with sausage grease, flour, milk, salt, and pepper – yeah ), cake, muffins, cookies, doughnuts- the list could go on and on. I’ve actually lost weight because there is such a limited amount of foods I can consume. I’ve given up Pepridge Farm’s goldfish cracker! 😱 And those were my absolute favorite!

Of course, there are times I do consume dairy- and let me tell you, I always regret it. I ate a bunch over the weekend (my sis made a keylime dump cake, so good) and I’ve been paying for it. I felt like crap, my stomach hurts, and I have no energy. 

So why am I writing this? Because roughly 25% of Americans cannot process lactose normally. http://www.pcrm.org/health/diets/vegdiets/what-is-lactose-intolerance

I want to share my new lifestyle with others who may be suffering like I use to. I plan on sharing dairy-free recipes that I learn ( dairy free sweet cornbread coming soon! ). 

Let me know if anyone else struggles as well, I’d love to hear from everyone! 
Until next time!