You Wear Too Much Makeup. 

“You wear too much makeup.”

“You have too much makeup.”

“You spent that much on makeup!”

“But why have all that makeup when you don’t wear it?”

I, for one, have been asked all of these questions, by men and women. (And probably more that I just can’t remember.) 

Now, I’ll admit, I own a lot of high end makeup. It’s what I like and I’m not and won’t be sorry for that. To some people, it’s ridiculous. To others, it’s awesome.  

But guess what? I don’t buy and wear makeup for other people. I buy and wear it for myself. 

I see my face as a blank canvas – one that I can highlight and contour, blend, and color how I want. 

Some people wear makeup to hide pimples and hyper pigmentation. Some wear it to make their face look smaller. Some wear it to boost their confidence. 

Whatever the reason someone wears it, man or woman, others need to stop and think before they comment. 

Why is it assumed that automatically if a woman wears makeup they’re wanting to impress a man? 

You think a man is gonna care that my eyeshadow is Tom Ford? Uh, no.  

Why can’t I just like makeup and want to wear it? Why is it so hard to believe that I do something for myself, and not someone else? 

Then you have the other end of the spectrum – not wearing makeup. 

Why is it assumed that when a woman doesn’t wear makeup that she doesn’t care enough? I have heard that so many times. Or, that she’s more independent than women who do wear makeup? 

If you wear makeup, great! If you don’t wear makeup, great! 

Instead of tearing each other down for our choices, why can’t we build each other up? As women, we have enough against us without other women tearing us down. Wearing makeup doesn’t make you any less of a feminist, just as not wearing makeup doesn’t makeup you a better feminist. 

What makes you less of a feminist is tearing down another woman for the choices she, herself, makes. That includes how much makeup she wears and how she dresses. 

Just like women tearing down Kim K because of her nude Instagram posts. Now, I personally may not support the idea of showing my body off to everyone, but why would I tear someone down for her personal choices? She, as an independent woman, made that choice.  Just like tearing down a women in dresses  and long skirts or a hijab and assumingthat they’re oppressed by a man? Why can’t those choices of modesty be their own? 

I personally dress pretty modest. I don’t expose cleavage or wear things that show off my butt or thighs. But guess what? That is my personal choice and that’s between God and I. 

No man is telling me to dress that way, but I’m sure my dad fully supports it. Then again, what dad wouldn’t? Baha-freaking-ha. 

Sorry, I had to take a laughter break. Wiping the tears from my eyes now. 

We, as women, need to empower each other. 

If we don’t, then who will?