Intermittent Fasting Day 1 – A Fat Girl’s Weight Loss Journey

I think when you know you can’t eat, well, it makes you want to that much more.

It’s day one of my intermittent fasting and it 8:48am. I’m fasting from 8pm-10am, so fasting for 14 hours and eating for 10. I’d like to get up to a 16/8, but I know myself and it’s something I’d need to work up to.

It wasn’t too hard to stop eating at 8. I mean, I had the munchies, but nothing that lead me to stealing into the kitchen like a thief to gorge myself and potato chips and chocolate.

This morning though? I’m hungry and I’m at work staring at a computer screen that just won’t seem to turn into a big bowl of oatmeal.

I have goals. I want to lose 50lbs by the end of the year and I’m determined to succeed. I’m using My Fitness Pal and paying more attention to what I’m eating instead of just how much. This is a lifestyle change and it’s one that I need to make. I need to be healthy so my future self won’t end up with a crap ton of medical issues that could have been prevented.

* I’ve included a blog post by someone who knows me about this than I do, so if you’re curious about the logistics of it click here! *

I’m going to try to past daily blogs about how I feel, how much weight has been lost, and what kinds of foods I’m eating – for myself to look back on and for others to see that maybe what their feeling is normal. I’m not naturally thin nor athletic and I never forget to eat a meal.

But it’s time to make changes for the better, so this is my journey.


Dear Girl Who Only Posts Pictures of Her Face 

Dear Girl, 

I get you. For years I didn’t post or even take full body pics. I felt like my face was way better than the rest of me and if I showed the world what I looked like no one would want to pay attention to me. 

I see people who have so many pictures from high school and how they lovingly look back on them. I, however, have very few pictures from that period of my life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have a few, but I spent that time avoiding the camera from the chest down. 

Why do we do it?

We are trained to think that unless you look a certain way, you aren’t attractive. We see pictures like this splashed all over the internet and magazines and we think this is the norm. 

Or maybe we feel that our chest is too big. Maybe it’s too small. Maybe we think we look too thin and are afraid people will make fun of us. Maybe we hate our stomach. 

There’s a million reasons we don’t like our body and I couldn’t even begin to name them all. We also forget that it’s not just curvy girls that feel self conscious. 

All women feel that way; big or small, tall or short. 

But that’s the thing – if we all feel that way at some point, then why can’t we just be accepting of each other? 

Your body does not define you. Your skin color does not define you. Your clothes do not define you. Your hair does not define you. 

You define who you are. 

Take control of who you are and go on a journey of learning to love yourself. Take those pictures. Post those pictures. Life does not wait for you to decide you’re good enough, so live each day. Enjoy your friends and family. Wear that bathing suit to the beach. Wear the leggings. 

Don’t hide everything but your face. Be proud and unapologetically so.